A Stroke Took Away My Ability to Walk, to Speak, And To Care For My Family. Please Help Me Raise 10 Wonderful Kids.
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Hello, my name is Yosef Binder. I’m the father of 10 kids, and until last year, I was working as a cheder rebbi. One day last year, to our complete shock, I suffered a severe stroke. When I woke up, it was two months later. I had been unconscious, attached to a respirator. For those two months, my wife and children remained at my side, in prayer. Baruch Hashem, I woke up. But life would never be the same - I am now in a wheelchair and unable to speak clearly. I remained in the hospital for another 8 months.

Now, the doctors have given me the green light to return home. Unfortunately, there is no home to return to. Our apartment and building are not wheelchair-accessible, and we can’t afford to move anywhere new. I am stuck here in the hospital until we can afford to make our apartment accessible to me. After being ripped away from them in a moment, and spending nearly a year in the hospital, my family needs for me to come home.

Please, if you can, help us to afford to fix our apartment so that I can be with our children. Our financial situation is difficult as is - I have obviously been unable to work, and there have been tremendous expenses since I got sick. We have absolutely nothing, and we have 10 kids to support. Our daughter Shaindel is engaged to be married, and we have no way to make sheva brachos for her, or to help her to put the essentials into her first apartment.

Please Jewish brothers and sisters, help a family whose lives were turned upside down and who have nothing, and Hashem should bless you with health and parnassah. Amen. Yosef

Donations can also be made to Kupat Ha'Ir Foundation # 7161, by phone at 1-888-587-2842, or by mailing a check to American Friends of Kupat Ha'ir, 4415 14th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219

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