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As I am writting this the tears are running down my face. My father, R' Yisrael Moshe Baum passed away Shabbos chol hamoed after contracting Covid-19.

His life was taken away to early. He was only 60 years and left, wife, 8 kids and 3 still at home. He brought so much simcha to family and friends and his presence will surely be missed.

He was a tremendous baal chesed, who always had guests over every Shabbos seuda. He used his catering business, more as a chesed organization than a business, to distribute food to the underprivileged.

People who knew of his great deeds referred to him as R' Shayala of our generation.

Please open your hearts to the wife and Three children that are still living at home. R, Yisroel Moshe gave so much to many who were in financial needs. Now We can reciprocate his chesed by helping his family with financial support!

The following askanim are helping with this fundraising:

R' Eliezer Baum Shlita

R' Moshe Yosef Enden Shlita

R' Avraham Mordechai Mallach Shlita

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