Contract for Life

Give life and be granted life in light of the new year.

Take part in saving lives and donate to the charity organization "Hatzalah", saving thousands of casualties each year. Donate for the continued operation of the organization, which includes 120 locations in Israel, and over 1000 volunteers - drivers, paramedics, medical assistants, rescue personnel, and doctors, performing holy work every hour of the day, throughout any weather without asking for anything in return, except for the love of Israel and unity of the people.

The organization’s volunteers are spread throughout Israel and are ready to provide life-saving assistance and care to anyone within 90 seconds range. Sadly, as we all know, in the terror-stricken country surrounded by issues from every direction, Israel has tens of thousands of different scenes throughout the year, requiring swift life-saving intervention by use of motorcycles, ambulances, and even private vehicles of volunteers, as volunteers are using resuscitation kits and expensive medical supplies.

The blessed operation of Hatzalah organization has already saved tens of thousands of Israelis, and so, our teacher and minister of the Torah, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, who considers the organization as the apple of his eye, has personally called out to all the Jews of the world - please help Hatzalah organization continue to save lives, and to donate 180$ for its continued operation. For each donor to the organization, I will sign a note of life, for him and for his family.

..."And he who gives life, shall be granted life in return"

A new year is at our doorstep. Come and make yours and all your family’s coming year an especially blessed and happy new year, and receive the blessing and life note of our generation’s greatest, and partake in a real and meaningful part of saving lives.

Thanks to your donation, the wonderful volunteers of Hatzalah organization will be able to continue, with God's help, save lives in the land of Israel during this coming year as well. Thank you, and best regards.

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