Situation 2

A young boy needs weekly day-long treatment for past ten years for a progressive illness. His needs are sadly expected to increase and the child is declining in every way. - at this point the child has lost almost all of his words, is not able to be toilet trained, he needs help eating and drinking, needs help with mobility, cannot take care of any of his own physical needs, and for his safety needs one to one supervision at all times. The ability for both parents to work is very compromised. The house needs so much work to be safe for this child. The most pressing safety need for him is mold in basement hurting his fragile airways. This child is also in need of various weekly therapies not covered through insurance.

The parents are also busy helping the other children deal with the realities of daily life with a severely handicapped sibling. - most pressing issue is mold in basement hurting his fragile airways.

Both parents are working and are asking to help them get out of debt.

Checks can be mailed to:

Zichron Reb Asher

c/o S. Kleinman

135 Village Path

Lakewood, NJ 08701

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