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Klal Yisroel is shaken to the core, yet another Burich Dayan Huemes is said, this time for Reb Zevi Halberstam A”h.

Zevi was a special soul, always running around with a smile, always available to help another Jew, but now, ZEVI IS NO LONGER WITH US.

On Shabbos, Zevi breathed his last breath and passed away from the Coronavirus. Zevi was in his low 40s and left behind a family of 6 children with no income whatsoever.

The family didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to their father, let’s make it as easy as possible for them during this tragic time. Your donation of any amount will help his wife and kids with basic food and necessities during this difficult time.

In this Zchus May Hashem repay you with a happy and healthy life, and may the Zchus of Tzedaka remove this harsh decree and deadly virus from the world. Tizku Lmitzvot!

דער קאמפיין איז אונטער די אויפזיכט פון הגה"צ דומ"ץ קהל שערי ציון באבוב - הרב חיים יעקב טויבער שליט"א

הרה"צ רבי ברוך הלברשטאם שליט״א, הרה"צ רבי מרדכי זאב הלברשטאם שליט"א בני מרן אדמו"ר מצאנז שליט״א


הרב ליבוש הלברשטאם

הרב חיים יואל הלברשטאם

הרב משה הלברשטאם

הרב ברוך יהודה הלברשטאם

The following askanim set up the fund to help Zevi’s family:

Rabbi Avrum Shlome Mandelbaum

Rabbi Efraim Shlome Halberstam

Chaim Fleischer

Benzion Shulim Beniaker

Chaim Yermi Brachfeld

Yanky Weiss

Avrum Yonason Mossberg

Yoel Rosenfeld

Duvid Moshe Weiss

Chesky Kain

Binyomin Goldberger

Shlome Altman

Ari Schwartz

Berish Wertheimer

Akiva Hersh Klein

Chaim Daniel Piekarski

Yoel Alter Goldberger

Mordecha Aron Weiss

Motty Fasten

Shulim MosheLeser

Shlome Chaim Singer

Yozef Friedlander

Yossi Kornfeld

Eli Yitzchok Elias

Chaim Benzion Zinger

Yisroel Goldstein

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