Sefer Torah for Yoshi

A Sefer Torah Torah for them to hug, kiss, and lift high.

A Sefer Torah to raise their son high.


An email invitation has been sent to all those who participated in our campaign. Keep a look out for an email from Kollel Hora'ah.


B”h a Sofer has been chosen and the Sefer is on track to be completed for the Shloshim. The family has decided to place the Sefer in MTL, the host community for Kollel Horaah. The Hacnasa will be on the shloshim, Wednesday Feb. 3.

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Yoshi Balaban, (age 4), will forever be remembered for his love for learning Torah, his smile and his beautiful caring Middos.

His father, R’ Dovid, said by the Levaya that they starting teaching him as soon as he can understand, and as he said, "If he could know the difference between a tiger and an elephant, why can't he know the difference between an Aleph and a Beis?!"

HaRav Reuven Feinstein noted how Yoshi wasn't even five years old but was able to sit through a Davening. When he attended Davening, he would eagerly await the chance to kiss the Sefer Torah.

Yoshi would learn the Parsha with his father every night, it was the highlight of his day. Telling the Parsha to his Zaide Every Tuesday night was the highlight of his week. Yoshi also looked forward to Motzi Shabbos Avos U’Banim when he learnt with his father about the 39 Melachos. On his final Motzi Shabbos he made a Siyum on finishing learning the section of the Melachos pertaining to making clothing.

Yoshi always would think about others. When Yoshi would get a treat, he always made sure his younger sister had one as well.

Tragically, Yoshi was taken from us in a horrific accident on his way into Cheder on Monday.

When the discussions came up, this past year, as to which school they are going to send him to, Yoshi, in his four-year-old mind, adamantly told his father, “make sure to send me to a Jewish school where they learn Torah and Mitzvos, because if you send me to a Goyishe school where they don’t teach Torah and Mitzvos, I am going to run right out!”

Yoshi loved nothing more than learning Torah. We hope that this Sefer Torah, in his merit, will give Yoshi's parents and family a little comfort.

All excess funds will be distributed leilui nishmaso at the gabbaim's discretion

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