BARUCH DAYAN HAEMES The Abba of Meron Baal Chesed and Father of 11 Reb Bentzion Kuperstock AH
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Our father Reb Kuperstock was known by thousands all over Israel for his tremendous chesed. Perhaps he was most famous for feeding breakfast for thousands in Meron each year for free. He was truly a tzaddik who gave to others with a warm smile. He was the head of a Beis Yaakov school in Yerushalayim. He was a beloved and wonderful person, and now he is gone, and he leaves a widow & 11 children behind.

On Wednesday night he went to the hospital with what we suspected was COVID-19. His tests came back negative, and he was sent home. Motzei shabbos he collapsed, and he was gone. Tests afterward came back positive … It was the virus.

There are no words for the ache in our hearts this afternoon as the levaya took place. If this were normal times there would have been hundreds of people there. Instead it was just a minyan standing far apart from each other, and our poor devastated mother, hysterically crying out into the open air. After all he gave, he was zoche to leave this world without kavod. It was Hashem’s plan.

Please please klal yisroel - our mother is home, with 3 kids still at home, erev Pesach, devastated with no income. How will she live?? How will she survive this?? Will she chas v’shalom be homeless & hungry, a mother and a widow, left with nothing in the world?? Please I am begging you if you are reading this - our hearts have been shattered into a million pieces. The world is upside down. Please give our mother and little siblings what they need to survive.

And Hashem should bless you and your own family with health. In the zechus of our mother’s cries, and every widow’s cries around the world … may their tefilos be heard, and may Moshiach come soon.

Mishpachas Kuperstock

Rabbanim request that each person gives as much as they can because the situation is desperate. Reb Kuperstock left behind many debts because of the chesed activities he was involved with and his family's situation is urgent.

Donations can also be made to Vaad Harabanim fund 5224 by phone at 1877-722-2646 or by mailing a check to Vaad Harabanim 221 Regent Drive Lakewood, NJ 08701

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