Brachi’s Hachnasas Kallah Fund: I am one of 16 kids, and our father passed away ... Please help me start a home!
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Hi, my name is Brachi Kofman. In two weeks, I’ll be getting married. To be honest, I’m feeling very fearful right now, because even though the wedding is very soon, we’re not prepared. We are in a very difficult financial situation and as of now I’m not able to afford the simplest expenses, or all the basics that go into starting a house.

Our difficulties started when my father a”h was diagnosed with cancer. My father was a very very special person, a talmid chacham, a rosh kollel, a baal chesed. When he passed away it was very painful. My amazing mother raised myself & my 15 siblings on her own after that. Having so many children and making enough money to get by was never an option. We have stayed for long stretches by family members, because our mom struggles to give us what we need on her own.

Now that I am a kallah I have a dream to carry on the incredible examples that my parents taught me: to have a home full of Torah learning, or chesed, of joy and strength and b’ezras Hashem one day children. But if I can’t afford to start a home we won’t have the opportunity to build that home. Dear Jew, if you read this and you help us, you will be creating a bayis ne'eman b'yisroel, and you will be saving me from pain & fear just before my wedding day. Whatever you contribute will go toward food, dresses for my siblings, sheva brachos, an apartment, pots & pans ...

Thank you so so much!!! Hachnasas kallah is such an enormous zechus and you should be blessed with health, parnassah, and shalom bayis!!


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