The Benny and Malky Weisz z"l Sefer Torah

Benny and Malky’s Sefer Torah is a campaign that was launched by the Coventry Kehila.

A beautiful couple in the prime of their lives, ripped away from us by an unspeakable tragedy.

An incredible couple full of Torah, Chessed, Tznious, and Bitochon, Benny and Malky have left their mark on everyone that knew them in a most profound and remarkable way.

This Sefer Torah is being written in Benny and Malky's memory as a way to perpetuate their memory, their legacy and their message of Torah, Chessed, and Ahavas Hashem.

The Sefer Torah will find a home in the Coventry shul in Lakewood, NJ, led by Rav Menachem Mintz Shlita. The Shul will use the Sefer Torah on a regular basis including Shabbos and Yomin Tovim and thereby effect a tremendous Aliyah for Benny and Malky’s exalted Neshamas.

All funds raised by this campaign will go towards the Sefer Torah, it's accessories, and the Hachnasas Sefer Torah. In the event that there are additional funds remaining, the extra funds will be donated to the Coventry Shul Chessed fund to support and provide financial assistance of fertility treatments and medical procedures within the Coventry community, in Benny and Malky's zechus, at the exclusive discretion of HaRav Mintz.

All who participate in this campaign will be partners in this great Zechus and will be a part of the tremendous Chizuk and Nechama that this campaign will surely bring to Benny and Malky’s families.

This Sefer Torah campaign has the endorsement and blessing of the Rosenberg and Weisz families.

Thank you for your support and Tizkeh L’Mitzvos!


For special requests, please contact:

Yanky Fried at 347-554-1443 or Yonah Glatter at 917 -757-5917

Endorsed by our Kehilla Rabbonim:

HaRav Mintz, HaRav Gewirtzman, and HaRav Horowitz, shlit"a.


Yanky Fried, Yonah Glatter, Moshe Yormark Ahron Leshinsky,Yoel Braun

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