Shoshie Strassman Memorial Playground

Anyone who came in contact with her was truly blessed to have known Shoshie Strassman.

Shoshie touched us all with her openness and warmth, reaching out and sharing her dimpled smile with everyone. You could literally feel the warmth of her soul emanating from her. She was a supremely devoted mother, and her generous spirit endeared her to all, young and old.

Kind to everyone, whether she was your best friend or she had just met you. She was sweet and gentle, but also bubbly and fun loving.

She made people feel welcome and always wanted to help the community and her children's school. Her children were everything to her, defining her existence and she was so proud of that.

A state of the art playground on the grounds of Congregation Ohev Shalom would be a fitting tribute to the memory of Shoshana Elka bas Abraham. A place where all children can embody the fun loving nature that personified Shoshie.

We know that a children’s playground would be Shoshie’s ultimate contribution to our community, while she looks down in joy as she plays with all the kinderlach in her beautiful gan in shamayim.

Please help us build this playground by donating generously in memory of this truly special person.

**Playground photo is a sample of the style of equipment being purchased.

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