Chabad Shliach In Boston Stabbed Multiple Times

The antisemitic tragedy shook our community today. A rabbi, a vicious stabbing, 8 wounds.

Let's step back and say a few words about Rabbi Shlomo Noginsky. He lived a comfortable life in a big house in Israel, with his wife and a large family of 11 children. But his heart was calling him to help people, to teach, to advise, and to bring the light into people's lives.

So, he moved from his warm Israel to a cold Boston in the middle of a brutal winter, into a small rental apartment, and proceeded with his mission - classes, educational programs, one-on-one learning - all to selflessly help others.  

Today, this was stopped, but not for long.

Our community is coming together to answer this antisemitic attack.

Our answer is to support the life's work of Rabbi Shlomo Noginsky and help him realize his dream of opening a Jewish Educational Center in Brighton. We pledge that for every knife wound in Rabbi Shlomo Noginsky's body, we will guide a young student through full Rabbinical training so that 8 new Rabbis will come out from this tragedy. This Rabbinical program will be run by Rabbi Shlomo Noginsky. This Jewish Educational Center will also help local families, organize online and on-site learning, and offer individual consultations.

Our response to hate is to bring more light into the world.

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