TONIGHT IT IS HAPPENING: Have Your Name in the Prayers of Choshuve Rabbanim & 300 Avreichim At Amukah On Tu Ba’Av, and Receive Rav Chaim Kanievsky’s Blessing to Find Your Soulmate “SOON”
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The time has come once again for one of the most powerful public displays of prayer: The gathering of the Kollel Rina Shel Torah at the kever of Rabbi Yonasan ben Uziel, also known as Amukah, on Tu Ba’Av. This special site is famous around the world for the many who travel from around the world to pray there to find their soulmate, many of which report having seen miracles shortly afterward.

The gathering will be lead by none other than Rav Tzvi Yehuda Edelstein, Rav Shraga Noach Shteinman, Rosh Yeshiva of the Mir Rav Binyamin Finkel, and the kollel’s own Rosh Yeshiva Rav Mordechai Lieber HaLevi Cohen. The rabbanim will be accompanied by 300 avreichim, who will pray with all of their hearts and souls for those who contribute here.

All proceeds go toward sustaining the kollel. You may not have the opportunity to sit in a beis midrash in Eretz Yisroel learning night and day - but this is your opportunity to have a portion in that schar, by supporting it directly. The powerful combined merits of Torah Learning & Prayer will affect yeshuos for you or a loved one, especially in the area of zivugim!!!

In return the gathering’s participants will pray for yeshuos, and specifically zivugim, for the contibutors and their loved ones. Recited will be a special prayer penned specially for the yeshiva by Rav Yaakov Edelstein zt”l.

Rav Chaim gives his blessing to all those who join here:

“It seems that the learning of hundreds of avreichim of Rina Shel Torah while keeping a taanis dibbur, and the subsequent prayers at the grave of Yonasan ben Uziel, is a segulah to see salvation in finding fitting zivugim soon. As the Gaon of Vilna writes: prayers offered at the graves of righteous people are accepted.”

Tonight it is happening. NOW is your last chance to be blessed for a yeshuah this year, and accrue the powerful merit of Torah learning in your zechus at one of the holiest, most mesugal sites in Eretz Yisrael. Give now to support Torah learning, be in the prayers of some of the biggest rabbanim in the world, and receive Rav Chaim’s blessing for you or a loved one to find your zivug - SOON. AMEN!

For A Special Zechus:

Dedicate an hour of learning of one Avreich: $180

Dedicate a night of learning of one Avreich: $360

Dedicate an entire Minyan of Avreichim: $540

**To add your name please include your name when donating, or call 1(646)585-3021**