RAJE Giving Day


We are very grateful for your vision and support. With your generosity, $400,000 have been raised for RAJE New York as part of RAJE Giving Day. Thanks to you we are able to continue Transforming Lives & Building Dreams for the next generation, but we aren't stopping there!

We have the opportunity to raise an additional $25,000 as part of our bonus round where every donation will be matched, dollar for dollar. The bonus round will end on the final night of Chanukah, December 30, 2019.


For the next 36-hours, join the Russian American Jewish community in NYC for a day of giving, raising awareness, expectations, and $400,000 for RAJE and its expansion project moving our programs to more branches across the country!

RAJE, The Russian American Jewish Experience, addresses the social and educational needs of young Russian American Jews. A comprehensive and communal organization, RAJE sparks Jewish life and ensures Jewish continuity for the next generation. With centers in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Toronto, RAJE is passionate about building a community that embraces Russian-speaking Jews from all walks of life.

As its name attests, RAJE is:

RUSSIAN: By embracing where we come from, RAJE charges ahead to where we are going.

AMERICAN: Reflecting this great country, RAJE inspires life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

JEWISH: Heritage is everything. Connecting with who we are on a core level, RAJE provides a rock solid foundation and springboard for tomorrow's leaders.

EXPERIENCE: Young men and women require, desire, and cherish timely moments and timeless experiences. RAJE is experience personified. NOW IS YOUR MOMENT! Help RAJE continue TRANSFORMING LIVES AND BUILDING DREAMS! Your multiplied gift will have maximum impact. Your contribution celebrates our past accomplishments and catapults RAJE into an even more powerful and successful future!

Three donors have generously pledged $300,000, as long as RAJE raises $100,000. So every dollar that is donated equals $4! Watch your donations QUADRUPLE and help intensify our impact!

For every dollar you donate, our matching donors will give $3! $100 becomes $400! $180 becomes $720! $1000 becomes $4,000! $1,800 becomes $7,200! In 36 hours, your gift combines with others’ to achieve our goal!


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Hersh Foundation, Olami, Friends of Raje
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