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Tragedy has befallen the world with the loss of Harav Nachman Morgan ZTL. Rabbi Morgan was a pillar of the Los Angeles community for over 35 years. Taught thousands of children and adults alike. Sadly he was tragically taken by Corona Virus. His Almana Rebetzin Esther Morgan has been a Morah in Toras Emes just as long. Sadly Reb Nachman had every penny with a cheshban to be able to barely just get by. His Rebetzin needs our help during these trying time. Please give generously to help this amazing family for all they have and continue to do for Los Angeles and Klal Yisroel

Besuros Tovos

This fund is being overseen by Rabbi Berish Goldenberg, Levi Raichik and Malkiel Gradon

All donations are tax deductible and a receipt will be automatically sent. Anyone who wants to send a check can do so to

Chasdei Eliemelech

546 N Detroit St

LA CA 90036


Rabbi Morgan's unique teaching method: