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Misaskim is a behind the scenes organization. We are quiet and unassuming until we receive that phone call. Once that hotline rings, we come in full force to provide for all of the needs of the family suffering a tragedy or loss. We are there from the beginning of the need until the need is no longer present.

Misaskim is known to be synonymous with shiva homes. Shiva chairs, folding chairs, tables, Sifrei Torah, siddurim, candles, portable A/C’s, heaters, water coolers and so much more. We remember every last detail. Our mission is to ensure that you don’t need to start worrying about the logistics of setting up the shiva home when you have so many other things to deal with. We are a one stop shop.

What many do not know is that Misaskim does so much more than just shiva homes. One of our key programs is what we do for Yesomim and Almanos. When someone suffers a tragedy or loss, there are often residual needs after the shiva ends. We remain present and in full force throughout those residual needs as well. We provide Chanukah gifts and back to school packages, flowers for Shavuos, Chol Hamoed events, and so much more.

Queens Branch of Misaskim

For many years Misaskim had been sending volunteers from Boro Park to handle the needs of the Queens community. As the needs increased, Misaskim reached out to the Queens community to open its own branch. In November 2018 we officially opened the Queens branch. Since then we have been handling all Queens shiva homes, and the deliveries of all Queens Yesomim and Almana packages. Since we opened our branch we have serviced over 350 shiva homes, 20 Almanos and over 50 Yesomim in Queens alone. We have a dedicated group of 50 volunteers who manage the operations.

Queens Van

As our operations in Queens have expanded, the need for efficiency has increased. Until this point, the volunteers have been emptying out their own personal cars before handling a delivery or pickup. Not only have they been using their own vehicles, but sometimes that’s not enough and we need 2-3 vehicles for a single delivery or pickup. This puts a tremendous strain on our volunteers. This is where YOU, our community, comes in.

We are raising money for a dedicated Misaskim delivery van.

This will allow us to handle any size delivery, store our shiva house supplies in one spot, and most importantly reduce the strain on our dedicated volunteers so that they no longer have to use their own personal vehicles, and will not have to run back and forth to a garage. This concept has been used in many other neighborhoods with great success.

This fundraiser isn’t for an abstract need. This van will be used to help your neighbors, your Shul members, and our community. You will see this van driving around Main Street, Jewel Avenue, Union Tpke, and all around the Queens community. This van will be used locally, and is of tremendous need to help the logistics and efficiency of our operation.

Please help us help our community!!!

Misaskim from A-Z

1- Our Brooklyn office receives a phone call from someone suffering a tragedy or loss. The office takes down all of the information- how many people sitting shiva, how many chairs are needed, tables, type of siddurim, sifrei Torah, portable AC’s etc.

2- The office then contacts our Queens dispatchers who will the notify our volunteers of a pending delivery.

3- The volunteers collaborate among themselves to figure out who is available, how many vehicles will be needed and what time all are available to meet up.

4-The family is contacted to ensure that the timing of the delivery is as convenient for them as possible.

5- The delivery is then handled.

6- We monitor closely throughout the shiva period to ensure that any additional needs are handled quickly and seamlessly.

7- At the end of the shiva our dispatchers will once again notify the volunteers of a pending pickup.

8- The volunteers collaborate and figure out the resources needed to handle the pickup, and they arrange a time with the family.

9- In cases of Almanos and younger Yesomim, we add them to our list for all of our Yesomim and almana services.

10- We ensure that any and all residual needs are being taken care of.

Please help us reach our goal. This is an essential need for the continued operation of Misaskim services within our community.

For further questions or special dedication opportunities, please contact Ari Elbogen (917) 886-2176, Moshe Vatch (718) 887-1374, or any Misaskim of Queens volunteer. You can also contact us via email at MisaskimQueens@gmail.com.

The van displayed in the following pictures are from the Maryland branch of Misaskim. We anticipate purchasing a van similar to this one.

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