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We are living in times where we especially need the protection of H-shem. Protect yourselves and your family by having a portion in the learning of לימוד התורה ברציפות! Chazal say: תורה מגנא ומצלא! Suggested Donation - $72

Other sponsorship opportunities: Sponsor a day for $2500, a week for $7200, and entire current ongoing program for $77,000. If interested, email -

Keep the inspiration of Shavuos burning!

What an inspirational Shavuos we all experienced! We've all rededicated ourselves to learning Torah and connecting to Torah, each of us on our own level! But what can we do to really show H-shem how much we value and cherish His Torah and those who study it?

Donate to מתיקות התורה, the לימוד התורה ברציפות initiative!

What better way can there be to do this than by supporting the בני תורה who learn with התמדה and dedication day in and day out, even during these trying times! מתיקות התורה, the לימוד התורה ברציפות initiative, is currently running a program for the elite of our עולם התורה, those yungerleit who learn without interruption for 2 1/2 hours!

Especially in these times!

We all know that the study of Torah is that which holds up the world. How much more so when it is learning which is done ברציפות, which the חזון איש stated is the only way for one to come to true מתיקות התורה - sweetness in learning!

Let us all take the inspiration of Shavuos and give whatever we can to this חשובע organization, and in this זכות, may the entire world be that much more protected and blessed during this difficult תקופה and may we all see only ברכות, רפואות, ישועות, ונחמות!

++For Dedication Opportunities, please call Mesikus Hatorah at: 609-913-0157++

Check made out to Mesikus Hatorah can be mailed to: 109 White Rd. Jackson, NJ 08527.

24 Hour Mesikus Hatorah donor line: 732-272-0771

++You can have one of our yungerleit daven for your personal hatzlacha in any area (shidduchim, parnassah, gezunt, chinuch habanim, and protection etc.) by donating $720. For more details please call Mesikus Hatorah representative at: 732-604-3584++

Commonly asked questions and answers:

Q: Can I join this retzifus program?

A: Currently, Mesikus Hatorah runs it's program in 3 of the בתי מדרשים of בית מדרש גבוה. They are: בית אהרן, בית שלום, and Princeton. In addition, it runs in other smaller kollelim. If you learn in any of these בתי מדרשים, your Rosh Chabura/Rosh Kollel will notify you about the program. We hope to expand to reach the rest of בית מדרש גבוה, as well as to other kollelim across America eventually.

Q: What is Mesikus Hatorah? How does the program run?

A: Mesikus Hatorah runs programs 5 times a year, putting it's focus on those times where extra חיזוק can be used. Those yungerleit who learn four out of five days for two and a half hours uninterrupted qualify to earn the stipend of $45 per week, with an added bonus for participation in all the weeks which the program runs.

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