Help Maayan


++**Her phlegm is fatal...

the ventilator is beeping++...**

We must help Maayan NOW!

Please, spread the word to all to try to raise a minimum of $50 from friends & neighbors!

• Help update her critical medical equipment that is failing.

• Help get her out of the danger zone of constant moving to gain stability and safety, once and for all.

++100% of your tax deductible donation goes to Maayan!++


Maayan has ++Batten’s Disease**++, a degenerative nervous system disease, which has currently caused in Maayan, epilepsy, blindness & severe lung disease.

The family has moved 8 times in the past 9 years!

With each move, the family faces fear of a critical situation worsening. It is daunting and dangerous.

“Maayan reminds me of a china teapot… oh so priceless… and to be moved from chair to bed with utmost caution… let her breathe… let her be okay… Maayan's machine is beeping... pray!

-Devorah Hadassa Liebermann, Maayan's mother

_ _If the beep is not attended to right away, G-d forbid, a child could choke on their phlegm filled breathing passages. This is the fragility that 11-yr-old Maayan faces everyday. Maayan's parents, Yochanan and Devorah Hadassah are on call 24/7 with the above scenario repeating itself many times per day and night. Unfortunately, emergency visits to the hospital are not uncommon.



Watch Rav Shmuel Steinhaus of Yavniel, Israel introducing Maayan & the Liebermann Family.


Maayan’s Needs:

• Handicap-accessible, hospital-equipped Mini In-Home Hospital • Debt incurred due to underemployment: our full time job 24/7 • Foreign worker salary (x3 years is $90,000) • Critical medical needs:

  • Electrical generator for electrical emergencies
  • Updated Vest lung equipment as hers is slowly tearing and doesn't fit
  • High-tech inhalation machines as well as other medical and personal needs for Maayan
  • Lung therapy machine is broken and needs a replacement
  • Daily inhalation device is not functioning properly
  • Second inhalation device needed specific to administering specific medication
  • Intercom/ video system needed to monitor efficiently throughout home and outside of home


This campaign is under the auspices of Rabbi Aaron David Neustadt, K'hal Chassidim, Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem, with brachos and haskamos from Rav Shmuel Steinhaus, Yavniel.

The fund is managed by Yad Eliezer. ++100% of your donation goes to Maayan++**.

**If paying by credit card, there is a 2.9% processing fee.

Methods to Donate:

  1. International Credit Card through this ChesedFund
  2. US Checks: There is no processing fee if donating by check. Checks can be made out to "Yad Eliezer" Mail checks to: Yad Eliezer c/o S. Kleinman 135 Village Path Lakewood NJ 08701
  3. Israel Checks can be made out to “Yad Eliezer” Mail checks to: Mrs. Batsheva Pfeffer, Help Maayan Campaign, Zevin 34/2, Neve Yaakov Jerusalem, ISRAEL
  4. Pay by phone with Isracard: Please call Batsheva Pfeffer :0548453896 or whatapp message with info:0587324384
  5. Paypal For details go to:
  6. Wire For details go to

Rabbinical Verification available on request. (See letter below attached)


Devorah Hadassah Liebermann From US: call /whatsapp 011-972-58-687-7125 From Israel: 058-687-7124 email:

To learn more about Maayan go to:


“When your wellsprings will spread forth to the outside.” ויפוצה מעיינך בחוצה

Modeh ani lifanecha, will never be the same for me and many others! Devorah Hadassa in her inimitable way starts our mornings off with her beautiful voice letting us all know that we are blessed to be able to have another day of life!", says Estee Zimmerman from Montreal, who has been on the "Emuna Upgrades with Maayan"Whatsapp chat for a few years. The chat is inspiring many people around the world, from all different walks of life. Each documented struggle of Maayan’s, inspires each person, to do more, pray more and hope more.

Please open your hearts and wallets to this urgent cause.

Please daven for the refuah sheleima (speedy recovery) of Maayan Bat Devorah Hadassa.

B'Ezras H-shem, may we share good news.

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