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Zisel’s Links, Shlomie’s Club & Little Links of Pearls is a safe space for children & teens who lost a parent.

We have been at this since 2006 starting with 10 families and currently serving 2900 children & teens.

Between events, retreats, therapy referrals, therapy funding, Kallah packages, publications, support hotlines, legal & financial advisory, Dress Me store, Yom Tov gift cards…we are there for all the big moments.

And during the “little” moments too.

This campaign is about bridging the gap.
As the months bring more and more new families, the needs grow and we need to grow with it.

Zisel’s Links, Shlomie’s Club and Little Links of Pearls seeks to be there for the big things and little things too.

Esther Hamalka, upon entering the palace of Achshveirosh to plead for her brethren, called out to Hashem saying “Yesomah Ani…” 

That was her entry pass.

I always say it is the greatest honor and privilege to know our families because they have a direct line with Hashem and their connection to Him is there through thick and thin.

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