Shammah Family Emergency Fund: We just lost my wife very suddenly … please help me to raise 12 children without her
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Shalom, my name is Tzion. Last week, our lives changed forever … we lost my wife, Miriam. It was extremely sudden. After Rosh HaShanah, she was having strange pains in her legs. The doctors told her there was nothing wrong, and sent her home, but the pain persisted. They continued testing and two weeks ago we received the biggest shock of my life … It was cancer. It was less than a week before she was gone. It happened so quickly we had no time to prepare ourselves.

12 children without a mother. The youngest are just babies. I don’t know how I will ever comfort them. They just want their Ima.

Dear reader, here is our situation now: We are getting up from shiva tonight. I must return to ‘normal life,’ get the children back to school, help them to move on after losing their mother. I truly do not know how I will afford our expenses, with one income. I am asking you … please … if you can … we have lost everything. It seems impossible to go on, but I must, for my children. Please, in my wife’s memory, help me to raise the children she left behind. Tizku l’mitzvos. Hashem should bless you. You should have health and you should never know the pain of losing someone young. Tzion

Donations can also be made to Kupat Ha'Ir Foundation # 7160, by phone at 1-888-587-2842, or by mailing a check to American Friends of Kupat Ha'ir, 4415 14th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219

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