My Dad Passed Away, Now I Help Support The Family. Please Help Me Make My Wedding!
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Hi, my name's Ruti. I am 22 years old and I am engaged to be married in one month. It makes me so happy to know that soon I will be able to start a home.

This should be such a happy time in my life, and it is, but financially speaking it seems almost impossible that I will be able to get married at all. My father passed away from cancer when he was only 32. My mother was a young widow, and she struggled to care for and support me and my 4 siblings alone.

Now that I'm older, I work as an assistant in a kindergarten to help support my family. But as much as my mother and I work it's never enough. We never have anything extra - definitely nothing for something as expensive as a wedding or setting up a simple apartment.

If you could help me in any way, you should be blessed with only good, with happiness and much parnassah, and you should not lack for anything.

Thank you. Ruti

Donations can also be made to Kupat Ha'Ir Foundation # 7162, by phone at 1-888-587-2842, or by mailing a check to American Friends of Kupat Ha'ir, 4415 14th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219

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