Katzenellenbogen Family Surgery Fund: My Husband & 3 of My Babies Passed Away ... Please Help Me Save The Rest
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UPDATE, October 2019: Baruch Hashem thanks to the help of klal yisroel earlier this year we were able to raise some money on a different Chesed Fund page. We are so grateful for your help. Unfortunately, the amount that we raised ($20k) was not enough to cover even one of the multiple surgeries the kids have had recently - and for that reason we are forced to once again ask for your help. Our bank info changed so we had to make a new page. Please help us - It is truly a matter of life and death - I pray, as a mother, that you will have mercy on our family. Thank you. This is our story:

Hi, my name is E K. I’m the mother of 16 children … 13 of whom are still alive. That is because, unbeknownst to us, 11 of our children were born with a rare genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis. It caused tumors to grow all over the spinal cord, which causes all sorts of issues. We didn’t know when they were born that they were sick, because symptoms only start when they’re teenagers.

We have lost my husband a”h, and three of the kids.

I am like a ‘head nurse’ to the family, spending my days helping all of the suffering children. Our lives are in hospital rooms, and doctors’ offices. Our entire extended familiy also helps, Baruch Hashem, because it would not be physically possible for me to do this all alone.

My children desperately need surgery to remove their tumors to SAVE THEIR LIVES and so they can function and regain senses that they have lost. Because this condition is so rare, the procedure is not covered by the insurance. We live very modestly and could never afford it. This is 100% pikuach nefesh.

Please, we cannot let something like money cost these precious neshamos their lives. They deserve to continue living, to continue filling the world with their light, to be healthy. But I cannot give them their lives without the money. And so I am praying with all of my heart that someone will help us. Please, please, help us.

Please save my babies. We have been through so much.

Thank You. E

Donations can also be made to Kupat Ha'Ir Foundation # 7154, by phone at 1-888-587-2842, or by mailing a check to American Friends of Kupat Ha'ir, 4415 14th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219

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