L'ILUI NISHMAS HODAYA BITON A"H: Help Us Marry Off Her Son, A Bochur Who Has Lost Both of His Parents & Has Nothing
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Hello, my name is Shlomo Goelman, I learn at Yeshivas Shmaatsa DHilchasa in Bnei Brak. I recently met a very special person who is suffering.

When I met Nahor he seemed like a regular, sweet, single guy. He had just moved to Bnei Brak from the north. Once, I saw him on the street looking devastated. When I asked him why, it turned out there was much, much more to the story. His mother was very sick. They had moved her to Bnei Brak to be close to the hospital. Their father was not in the picture and she was completely alone. Nahor and his sister moved here to help their mom. They were all living in a tiny one-room apartment ... smaller and more modest than anything I've ever seen.

Two months ago, Nahor's mother passed away. He and his sister were devastated - they put their whole lives into taking care of her and now they had nothing. The most heartwrenching part is that Nahor is now a chassan. He is terribly poor, and has no family in the world to help him make this wedding. If you could join us in marrying off this very special couple, it would be a huge mitzvah.

Please join me in helping a very poor chassan and kallah, and bez"H you should be blessed to have the parnassah to make your family simchas with joy & never embarrassment or shame

The wedding is soon and they really have nothing. Tizku l'mitzvos!!!


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