Please, Help Me Save My Wife's Life
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Hello, my name is Shalom Klein.

My wife Esther has ALS. We have 8 children. Esther is bedridden, and unable to move. She is unable to eat and receives nutrition through a tube. Her pain and her suffering are apparent to us, all day every day - we do what we can do to help her.

All the treatments, including the medications and everything, cost a fortune. We have been majorly struggling for a while now to afford what she needs to live, and now we are totally broke - what that means, is too terrifying to consider.

Therefore, I am turning to you, merciful Jews, in the month of mercy and selichos, when people come together to help one another: Please help us Klal Yisroel - It will truly be saving a life.

May G-d fulfill all your desires for the good, and may you be blessed with a good and sweet year.

Please daven for Esther Mindel bas Chana Shifra to be written in the books of Life and Health this year, among all of cholei Yisrael.

Thank you. Shalom

Donations can also be made to Kupat Ha'Ir Foundation # 7151, by phone at 1-888-587-2842, or by mailing a check to American Friends of Kupat Ha'ir, 4415 14th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219

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