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Over a year ago, University Heights resident, Mrs. Laura Ellis, née Gottlieb, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ALS. Since then, her condition has deteriorated rapidly to the point where she needs help with everything. Eating, standing, sitting...and now even talking.

She was a healthy, active, working mother who was always helping the community.

Now she needs our help.

Her husband, Yosef, and three young children, Meir Yisroel (8), Chaim Yehudah (6) and Leah Raizel (3) are essentially living yesomim with a mother and wife who cannot help, but rather needs their help. Constantly.

Their monthly expenses are overwhelming and funds have run out.

Please help Laura Ellis and her family during this difficult time. Their situation is critical.

100% of all funds collected are tax-deductible and will be used for expenses related to Mrs. Ellis' condition and her family. All funds are being managed and distributed by the following communal board: Mrs. Chana Perman, Ben Chafetz, Moish Tohn, Yitz Frank, and Dov Domb, Esq.

This campaign is being run with the active participation and collaboration of local Rabbonim.

Thank you for your generous support!

Please daven (pray) for the refuah shleimah (full recovery) of Bracha Bryna Luba bas Chana.

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