COVID-19 Widow and Orphans Emergency Fund

Sheva Brachos to Shiva

Coronavirus claims the life of

Reb Moshe Gulshevsky, z”l - age 46

Just before Purim, Reb Moshe Gulshevsky and his family embarked on what they thought would be the most joyous journey of their lives. They celebrated one wedding at home, then traveled abroad for another. But before the last of the second round of sheva brachos, their joy turned to sorrow.

Reb Moshe fell ill with coronavirus. He was gone in days!

It seems unfathomable.

  • A father who just danced with elation at two of his sons’ weddings;
  • A father who was the picture of good health;
  • A father whose smile would light up his home and the hearts of anyone whose path he’d cross – was felled by a microscopic germ.

And now his wife and 11 children must somehow go on.

There are six children still living at home. The youngest is just five years old - a little boy who is trying to make sense of life without his father. He wonders - who is going to learn with me? Who is going to walk me to shul? Who is going to make Kiddush and lead the Seder and give me a brachah on Erev Yom Kippur?

His mother has her own questions. How will she raise her children alone? How will she feed and clothe her family alone? How will she escort her sons and daughters to the chuppah alone?

Show her that she is not alone.

Help establish a fund for her family.

Reb Moshe, the author of Sefer Mishnas Netzach, was a highly-respected talmid chochom and remarkable person. He was a grandson of Harav Binyomin Yehoshua Zilber, zatzal, a member of the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah in Eretz Yisroel. As a mashpia in a yeshiva, he transformed the lives of countless bachurim, both in Eretz Yisroel, where he lived for most of his life, and in the past few years, in London.

We must help his family - because coronavirus is not a family tzarah. It is our tzarah!

Join now, by sending as much as you can to the Gulshevsky almanah and yesomim. In the zechus of your kindness, may the Avi Yesomim protect you and your loved ones, and bless you with health, nachas and prosperity.

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Chevras Mooz Ladol (CML). Reg No - 295818

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