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Four Young Children, Permanently Torn From Their Father!

The horrific coronavirus pandemic is once again robbing Klal Yisroel of so many of our most precious Neshamos. With every passing day, it seems, we get news of someone else who is stuck in the hospital, on a ventilator, or even, nebach, called to the next world.

But this has not numbed the pain at all. We are still reeling from the petira of R' Yehudah Aryeh Falik a"h, one of Lakewood's precious yungeliet, who despite being ripped away from us at the young age of 39, managed to touch so many lives in his inimitable way.

R’ Yehuda Aryeh a”h was a sparkling Neshama, who, despite suffering from multiple health issues and other exceptionally difficult challenges throughout most of his life, maintained an infectious Simchas HaChaim that was apparent to all who came in contact with him.

His incredible Ayin Tov was legendary, and he would always go above and beyond his means to help anyone.

Yehuda Aryeh always had a smile on his face and had such a geshmakeh personality. This endeared him to everyone and made him an easy person to “chap a schmooze” with – a gift he recognized and made the most of.

When Yehuda Aryeh contracted the corona virus a few weeks ago, Lakewood stormed the heavens, working as hard as possible to keep this precious gem in our midst. But after being on a respirator for 3 weeks, the Aibeshter decided that it was time to take his neshama back to shamayim to a place of honor right next to Him.

As much as we miss Yehuda Aryeh, we need to recognize what his passing means for his four children – who are now entirely without their dear father. Their situation – both individually and collectively – is desperate, and they have nobody to turn to but us. We can’t replace Yehuda Aryeh A”H, but we can emulate his care for others, and raise the necessary funds needed to get them through this trying time- and to provide hope for the future.

Let’s take care of Yehuda Aryeh’s children!

Please open up your hearts and generously help this suffering family, who are Hakadosh Baruch Hu’s children.

In the Zchus of your donation, may HKB"H help that you and your families- along with all of Klal Yisroel-should know of no more tzaar.

Message from Rabbi Yaakov Landau:

Zichron YAF

c/o Cong Gates of Mercy

475 Oberlin Avenue South

Suite 203

Lakewood, NJ 08701

Fund is under auspices of the local askonim listed below:

Chaim Gross

Menashe Frankel

Uri Kahanow

Avi Motechin

Zalmy Sorotzkin

Gershy Tress

Moshe Tress

Yossi Tress

Avi Verschleiser

Noshi Zelikovitz

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