36 Hours for DATA of Plano

The DATA of Plano community continues to grow.

This year, we added programs and expanded our center to accommodate our burgeoning community.

Now it's time for you to play a role in the future of the Jews of Plano!

This unique campaign will help us to continue to expand and meet the needs of our growing family.

Special dedication opportunities are available as we start to furnish our newly

dedicated Laizerovich Family Youth Center, which has become a hub of youth activities for Jewish kids of all affiliations:

Furnish the lounge: $7,500

Furnish a large classroom: $5,000

Furnish a small classroom: $3,600

Dedicate a teacher's desk and chair: $1,000

Dedicate a student's desk and chair: $500

Dedicate a table in the lounge: $360

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