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Rabbi David Maslaton has been sick with Coronavirus.

He has always put himself on the front line. We need to be there for him!

Please help us reach our goal!

Led by Community Rabbis and leaders,

  • Rabbi David Maslaton
  • David Heskiel- Public Advocate
  • Joe Mansour
  • Linda Sadacka-Public Advocate
  • Jacky Schweky
  • Rabbi Eli David
  • Michael Cohen

Our goal is to make sure to help anyone in our community who needs it.

We cannot stand idly by while fellow community members are being devastated by the current Coronavirus situation.

People are losing their jobs, businesses, and income in an instant.

We must be there to help our friends, family, and neighbors.

Please be generous in this terrible time as people are losing their life savings, income, and stability.

We are an all-volunteer organization with all proceeds going to help community helpers in need.

People are dealing with devastation with no food on their tables.

The Holidays are here which makes this even more urgent, we must stand together and with Gds help we will prevail.

Led by Rabbi David Maslaton, who walked away miraculously from a car accident yesterday and can attest that צדקה תציל ממות "Charity Saves From Death"

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