URGENT PIDYON SHVUYIM: Father of 3 Is Being Held in Polish Prison Without Trial ... Please Help Us Save His Life!
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Update 1/9/2020: Eyal's condition has deteriorated over the past few days. Please keep davening for Eyal ben Sara. Any amount that you can give is a huge help.

Update 1/6/2020: Eyal ben Sara still needs our tefillos. He is still in the hospital, but Polish officials are still refusing to allow him to go home to his family. This is truly a case of pidyon shvuyim & pikuach nefesh, Eyal needs your help now more than ever.

URGENT UPDATE 1/2/2020: Please pray for the refuah shleimah of Eyal ben Sara. Eyal has suffered a third, extremely severe, heart attack. He is in critical condition. Thank G-d, he was allowed to receive treatment in the local hospital but his situation is more desperate than ever. It is imperative that he come home as soon as possible.

Hello my name is Dina Peretz. My husband Eyal, the father of our three kids, has been gone now for 3 years. He is currently being held in a detention center in Poland, through no fault of his own, and I’ve done everything I can to bring him home with very little result.

In 2016, due to a terrible misunderstanding, my husband was arrested and taken to one of the harshest prisons in Poland.

For two years he sat in his cell and they refused to give him a trial. We weren’t able to communicate with him, to call him or visit him at all.

Finally, in November 2018, Eyal’s case was heard at the Polish court of appeals. He would be released on bail if we paid 500,000 PLN, about $130,000. That was a huge sum of money, but it would be worth it to bring my husband back home. I was forced to sell my house to pay the entire amount. We posted the bail on December 14th, 2018.

To our total shock, Eyal did not come home. He was transferred to another detention center in Poland and has been held there for the past year. He is under strict police supervision, and still unable to communicate with us. We now fear for his life. My husband suffered a heart attack and was not allowed to go to the hospital to receive treatment.

This is a situation of pikuach nefesh - he is very sick and can't continue living in prison like this, but there is no way to help him. The only way to get him out is to hire a lawyer to fight for his release. We have no more money, no more resources left, to afford this.

Please, please, join us and help our family raise enough money to bring my husband home. You will truly be saving a life, and fulfilling the mitzvah of Pidyon Shvuyim.

Thank you, thank you, Dina.

We are lucky that Rabbanim and Israeli government officials support our cause. Please see the haskamah of Rabbi Shlomo Amar shlita (translation below), and a letter from the Israeli Minister of Justice, MK Amir Ochana.

Haskamah of Rabbi Shlomo Amar shlita:

16 Cheshvan 5780

An Urgent Call For A Mitzvah

It has come to my attention that there is a Jew named Eyal Peretz who has a family, who has been jailed in Poland for two years. He is sick and his health is in a serious condition. They managed to get him out of prison, but he is not being allowed out of Poland to rejoin his family and receive medical treatment in Israel.

It is proven that his health is in danger, and a Rabbi from Poland writes that there is a lawyer who can act to save him, for this they need huge sums of money. Eyal Peretz’s family is extremely poor, and they are unable to pay.

Therefore, it is a great mitzvah to help them with a proper donation to save a life of one of Klal Yisroel, and this will also give chizuk and be a salvation for his entire family.

All those who have mercy on others, from Heaven they will have mercy on him.


Shlomo Moshe Amar

Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem

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