PIDYON SHVUYIM: Please Help Us Bring a Jewish Prisoner Home From The Ukraine!!
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UPDATE 2/12/2020: THANK YOU TO ALL OUR GENEROUS DONORS! We have reached our goal of $200,000 and of being able to bring Neriah home to his family. Please continue to daven that the process goes smoothly. Thank you again, and we will keep you updated.

UPDATE 2/6/2020: We are almost there! Thanks to donations from Israel, we are 3/4 of the way to our goal - Neriah is so close to coming home, the final amount is the only thing stopping him from coming home. Please continue to daven for Neriah ben Dorit and donate to bring him home as soon as possible.

UPDATE 2/2/2020: Thank you to all of the donors, we are moving forward towards the goal of bringing Neriah home. We still really need your help, there's a long road ahead of us.

URGENT UPDATE 1/30/2020: Dear donors, with your help we have been able to proceed one step toward freeing Neriah. His lawyer has managed get Neriah released to house arrest, although in very confining & difficult conditions.

The court has given us a very short time to pay the heavy fines of $200,000 to free him, if not - Neriah will be returned to prison.

Please donate to bring Neriah home to his family.

Last week, just hours before shabbos, Neriah and his sister & kallah were in a car in the Ukraine. They had just visited kivrei tzaddikim and were on their way to Uman, when they were in a head-on collision. Miraculously, everyone in the car survived. But the other car was a different story … a Ukrainian passenger was killed. Neriah and his sister & kallah were thrown into jail.

The young women were released and returned, frightened, back to Israel. Neriah, however, remains. He used his one phone call to reach his father, begging for his life to be saved. Now there is no way to contact him. He must await his trial, and pay a heavy fee to be released.

The entire family is terrified, awaiting news, powerless as to how to afford legal defense.

Please help us to do the mitzvah of pidyon shvuyim, to bring a 20-year-old man back home to his family and country, so he won’t chas v’shalom continue to suffer in a horrific European jail. It is a terrifying environment, not at all fitting for a young religious Jew …

Every donation helps, thank you!!!


Rav Yitzchok Dovid Grossman shlita has release a video message on Neriah's behalf:

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