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BD"H! Tragedy has befallen us!! Beloved father and community member R' Yitzchok Banash A"H of Boro Park, Brooklyn NY, passed away on Shabbos March 28, 2020 from the coronavirus disease, we are raising funds to cover burial expenses and help the family in their desperate time of need, there is an almunah and young yesomim who need your help! Please support this cause and may Hashem spare you and your family from all harm and may the zechus of this great mitzvah bring blessings to you and your loved ones. Tizku Lemitzvos!

Askanim Committee: Shaya Fuchs, Ben Zion Feurer, Mendel Goldberg, Yosef Shmiel Lemmel, Yaakov Koppel Strohli, Chaim Elye Teitelbaum, Amrom Israel, Shmiel Schlesinger

וועד העסקנים: ר׳ ישעי' פוקס, ר׳ בן ציון פיהרער, ר׳ מענדל גאלבערג, ר׳ יוסף שמואל לעמעל, ר׳ יעקב קאפיל שטראהלי, הרב חיים אלי׳ טייטלבוים, ר׳ עמרם איזראעל, ר׳ שמואל שלעזינגער

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