URGENT PIDYON SHVUYIM: Only One Day Left, Please Help Us Save Dovid's Life
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UPDATE: 19/9/2019: THANK YOU so much to all the donors! We have reached our goal of $170,000 and we are now working with the Polish government to get Dovid released. We will let you know when he comes home to his family. Thank you thank you and Shana Tova to all!

UPDATE 17/9/2019: We have so little time left to bring Dovid home to his family! Every donation counts much more than you can ever imagine. Thank you to everyone who has helped us so far, mi k'amcha Yisrael!

UPDATE, 15/9/2019: Thank you so much for all your help so far. Unfortunately we are still far from our goal. We have so little time left to save Dovid, there are only 4 days left to return a father to his children. Please help us bring Dovid home, it is a matter of life and death.

UPDATE, 9/9/2019: Thank you so much to the kind donors who have helped us thus far. Unfortunately we have not yet raised the money necessary to release Dovid. BARUCH HASHEM we were able to receive an extension so we now have another 10 days to save his life. Please help us to reach our goal, every minute counts. Thank you.


My name is Sara Barel. We are in a very very painful situation and we desperately need help -

My husband Dovid’s identity was stolen, and was used by someone for fraud - He was arrested and taken to prison in Europe. We were so scared but assumed it would all soon be over, because he is innocent.

For two years he has sat in Polish prison, suffering without trial. You cannot imagine what he has been through in that time. Finally, this week, his case was brought to trial. It was determined that he is innocent and that he can go home - if, by Sunday, September 8, we can pay a fine far beyond what we could ever dream of affording.

If we do not pay the fine, he will chas v'shalom remain in prison. Honestly I fear for his life. The prison is not a good place, and he is suffering. To bring him home is now not only redeeming a captive, but a matter of life and death.

I have spent two years home alone with my eight children, unable to tell them when, or if, their father would ever come home.

Baruch Hashem Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita has written a letter on our behalf, calling on people around the world to save this precious life.

Please, please join us and help our family raise this money. And you should be blessed with health, happiness, and parnassah for your own family, to never have to beg for the help of others.

Thank you. Sara

Our haskamah of Rabbi Yaakov Eliezer Schwartzman shlita, Rosh Yeshivas Lakewood-Jerusalem (First translation, then Hebrew below) :

"To Acheinu Bnei Yisrael:

I have come to request and to awaken Acheinu Beis Yisrael in the matter of my friend Rav Refael shlita whose brother is facing guilty charges, he is accused by the government of Poland and they have imprisoned him in a terrible situation. They are demanding a huge sum, without it he will remain in prison for a long time, which will seriously endanger his health.

It is the cry of the Gedolei Yisrael shlita, that every Jew of Acheinu Beis Yisrael, wherever he may be, must do whatever is within his power to free the prisoner from his imprisonment. To do whatever he can to gain his freedom, especially with generous donations to this holy cause of Pidyon Shvuyim.

All those who participate and contribute should be blessed with everything good, and a Ksiva v’Chasima Tova.

Signed on 5 Elul in Lakewood – Jerusalem may it rebuilt speedily in our days,

Yaakov Eliezer Schwatzman"

Note: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the family